AnotherScrapBook (ASB) is based on the original AutoScrapbook as developed by Kirk Bauer. I discovered this fine tool in version 3.7, and, because of one little feature (the capacity to handle Films from my Canon camera), I began rewriting from ground the script from KB. By lack of fantasy, it became AnotherScrapBook (let's see if it'll stay like this, but I need to keep "ASB" as initials...).

In the mean time, KB has further developed AutoScrapbook, so you might as well have a look at it in version 4.1.


ASB in Version 4.0 is still one script which you can easily download from the SourceForge Files section, rename to asb, copy e.g. to /usr/local/bin and make executable with chmod +x /usr/local/bin/asb.

Starting with Version A.04.01.00, ASB has been splitted and can be copied as a whole to a directory or, more elegant, use the script to install the whole thing under /usr/local (you probably need to run the script as root).

You can then have your first fun with asb [some dir], answer questions (comment, rotate, edit... your pictures and MJPEG films), and have a look at the created index.html.


There are currently three ways to come to help:

  1. call asb --help on the command line,
  2. the script creates two man pages: asb(1) and ASB::Out::Template(3pm).
  3. or follow the asb, or ASB::Out::Template(3pm) links, generated BTW with the commands pod2html --backlink="Top" --header --infile=${BASEDIR}/asb.pod --outfile=asb.html --title AnotherScrapBook-${Version} --verbose and pod2html --backlink="Top" --header --infile=${BASEDIR}/ASB/Out/ --outfile=asb_out_template.html --title ASB::Out::Template-${Version} --verbose .
    It is pretty complete, and should answer most questions, don't hesitate to contact me if you need clarifications (or find bugs).


I've started to think about the future of ASB and here is the result of my thoughts (as a MindMap visible with the Java Applet of FreeMind).

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